Release of Trauma Through the Body

- The 1st European Conference on Somatic Experiencing®

We are pleased to invite you to attend and contribute to the 1st European Conference on Somatic Experiencing®, which will be held 4-6 June 2015, in Elsinore (Helsingør), Denmark.

We are honored and happy to inform you that Dr. Peter Levine has agreed to attend the conference as one of the keynote speakers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear Dr. Peter Levine in Denmark.
In addition, Ale Duarte and Heike Gattnar have agreed to give lectures as keynote speakers, and to conduct a workshop each of them.

The background for the initiative is that the SE® movement is growing fast in Europe, and we know that many exciting activities and developments are taking place within SE®. 
We now think the time has come to bring together SE® practitioners, SE® students, teachers and trainers in Europe to meet and present the work they are doing for mutual inspiration and to promote networking.

The conference is open for all professionals who either take interest in - or are working with trauma, as we want to share the great knowledge SE® practitioners have gained working with the SE® approach. The conference will offer several sessions of parallel workshops which includes paper presentations, interactive workshops, demonstrations, presentation of research projects on SE®, poster presentations, etc. Opens internal link in current window(click here to view accepted abstracts)

The overall conference theme will be: "New Paths in Somatic Experiencing®". This includes the following subthemes:

1. Method development.

2. SE® applied to specific clients groups.

3. New knowledge and research

The conference will address treatment approaches for adults as well as for children.

This conference provides the participants a rare opportunity to listen to international highly recognized experts within the field, as well as the opportunity to meet others who work with SE® therapy and trauma.

We hope you will join us in June 2015 in Denmark!

Organizer: The SE® Association in Denmark in cooperation with the European Association for Somatic Experiencing® (EASE).

Kind regards from

The Organizing Committee:

Ulrik Jørgensen

Flemming Mølgaard

Judith Beerman Zeligson

Lis Høhne Ratcliffe

Lisbeth Ingvartsen Roberts


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Gl. Hellebækvej 70
DK-3000 Helsingør
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Conference Secretariat:
Tel: +45 7020 0305
Contact person: Hanne Kvalheim